the journey is the reward

“Not all those who wander are lost”—J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

peregrinations through beautiful and remote landscapes 
by landy, by recumbent trike, by fatbike, and on foot

2010 | pilot cutter | scotland

At Easter and again in August 2010 I joined the crew of the Lizzie May, a wonderful Pilot Cutter operated by Clyde Classic Sailing,  for a journey between Edinburgh and Inverness and then for a Hebridean Cruise.  Yes, I came back with a nasty scar on my upper lip (entirely my own fault) and yes, I did have one episode of sea sickness. However, the friendships made and the glorious pictures below speak for themselves, truly a chance to experience "seafaring's lost heartbeat".  


I thoroughly commend any of the wide range voyages on offer (something for every level of sailing experience) including: a gastromic cruise, sailing to Ireland, Clyde Classic sailing tasters and a weekend Hebridean cruise. I'm already looking forward to a second voyage later this summer - watch out for pirates on the Clyde in August!

I'd also like to add a special thanks to Clyde Classic Sailing for sponsoring me on my West Coast Adventure in aid of the RNLI.