the journey is the reward

“Not all those who wander are lost”—J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

peregrinations through beautiful and remote landscapes 
by landy, by recumbent trike, by fatbike, and on foot

The Wanderer

Landy and trike.

Dinner in a Transylvanian forest

 about me


Born in British colonial Africa, I grew up in South Africa, London and Perthshire, studied at Aberdeen, Tromsø and Leningrad Universities, then spent twenty years based in Switzerland but working in Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, Hungary and Belgium as manager in an IT multinational. As a student and for a few years thereafter I was a passionate cyclist, mountain-biking before it became a fashion, and cycling extensively through Scotland, the Black Forest and Austria.

Trike with engine.

I stopped cycling following my doctor's advice after testicular cancer; years passed until finally the desire to get out and cycle returned irresistably. Browsing the internet I came across the concept of recumbent bikes and even trikes, and piqued interest transformed into decision. I have a passion for travel—as opposed to purely sporting exercise—and thus ended up indulging in a recumbent trike as a means to take up cycling again.

In Lapland. 

My other adventures are expeditioning in my Land Rover or sailing wooden boats, and recently I have again taken up both upright cycling (on my fatbike) and walking.